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 David Kelley's West of the Moon Photography LogoWelcome to the galleries of David W. Kelley's West of the Moon Photography™. Within you will find a sampling of the imagery of award winning nature and wildlife photographer David W. Kelley. If you are eager to see our imagery, just click the "Galleries" menu above and enjoy your journey!


A great photograph whispers to the soul, lingers with the spirit, stirs the heart, and burns indelibly into the mind. ~ David Kelley



Use the menus above and at right to explore our site and discover all the products and services we have to offer including: fine art prints, fine art note cards, stock imagery, travel photography, portraits, assignment photography, large format printing services, workshops, teaching, and judging.


All of the images in the galleries are for sale as giclée (pronounced "zhee-clay") fine-art prints. Some are sold as part of limited editions and numbered. Some are part of open editions. All are hand-signed.

Latest Work

 Wyoming clouds and pathIrish Sky
 Horse in the Irish countryside

Irish Eyes

The Irish landscape (left), despite its rich greens, seemed to lend itself to monochromatic photography, and this Irish horse was begging for a portrait.

 Stark lone winter tree

Winter Tree

Proving you don't have to travel far for great photography, this image was captured less than two miles from home. Please visit all of my galleries for more recent work.

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